You Hold the Triggers!

Something inside you tells you that you’d be better off holding the triggers while Odeon opens the safe. You don’t know why, but you’ve learned to go with your gut feeling in situations like this. 

You offer to do this and Odeon nods. You press the tips of your fingers into the triggers—manual buttons with alien writing on them dispersed around the face of the safe. Once you’ve got all four pressed down, the code has already been cracked, and the safe door pops open. 

Your heart thunders inside you for some unknown reason. When a trap is triggered despite your efforts, you understand why. A dart hisses out of a hidden compartment in the safe and stabs into Odeon’s neck. He falls over with a soft cry. 

Holly is by his side immediately and you lean over him, looking for a way to help. 

“Grab the money. I’ll help Odeon,” Holly tells you. Then to Odeon she says, “Sing, my friend, quickly, before you can’t sing any more.” 

“It’s paralyzing me,” the Yasoan whispers. 

“Don’t waste your breath. Sing, dammit, sing!” 

He obeys. Immediately his voices gains strength. The song gets louder and you watch even as you grab armfuls of money from the safe. Without taking her eyes from Odeon, Holly absently hands you a satchel which you fill with glowing purple novas. You’ve never seen so much money in one place. 

Soon the dart’s been removed, Odeon has recovered, and Holly is cussing out someone called the Shadow Coalition. 

You hate to think of what might have happened if that dart had landed in you. Yasoan singing can’t heal humans, so death, probably. 

…to be continued.

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