You Picked the Roper!

Such a good choice, honestly. Even though I tease him, I do love Shiro’s style and how he always sports that unruffled look even in the midst of a skirmish. There’s something kind of nice about a person who never breaks a sweat. You won’t be breaking a sweat, will you? I’m teasing. You’ll need to keep it real. But if you pick this role, remember that you’ll have to dress the part, and sometimes that means dressing down rather than up. 

Ixion knows we’ve been needing to run more con jobs. You’ve got your drink, why not take a seat in the Bird’s Nest and just listen for a bit? Learn the ropes… you know? Pun intended. Totally intended, you Roper, you! Talk to you again in a few days, and in the meantime, check out more stuff the Historian has written!