Way Too Dangerous!

You love adventure! 

But not THAT kind of adventure. In fact, now that you’ve had a little taste of the kind of adventure you don’t like, you have new insights into your taste preferences when it comes to adventure. 

The kind of adventure you enjoy is the kind where you stay in your cozy house, reading about other people’s adventures. You like a warm fire, tea or wine, snacks, an overstuffed armchair and an endless supply of books.

Books are your adventure. Would you go on another gig with Holly? Only if it’s between the pages of a book…

“That’s too bad,” Holly says. “But it’s good to know, before we train you too much. You’re always welcome to hang out at the Bird’s Nest. Maybe someday we’ll find a way to fit you in. You know who else hates going on the gigs? Darius. He’d rather watch it all from the video feed on the comm unit.” 

She laughs and you settle into the seat for the ride back to the Bird’s Nest. You still belong to the crew. The best part is, you know just what your place is, and they do too. That’s the best way to belong. 

…the end…sort of…

That’s it! Way to go. You didn’t die! 

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