You Want More Adventure!

Is there any question? You’d go on another gig like this in a heartbeat. 

You’re one part hobbit and one part adrenaline junkie, whatever that is… 

In fact, this adventure wasn’t nearly long enough for your taste. You want all your adventures to work out to be lengthy tomes, were they books and not real life gigs with a real life crew at your back. 

What a rush! 

The next gig can’t come soon enough. In fact, if Holly were to let you loose on the streets of the City of Jade Spires right now, you’d have three jobs lined up for the crew as you made your way back to the Bird’s Nest. You’re pretty sure gigs just fall from the sky! 

Holly laughs. “Excellent. Jobs don’t actually fall from the sky, but we can stay pretty busy. Things are brewing constantly in the City. We’ll keep you busy. Before we start another job, you’re going to need to spend some time at the Lion of the Spires training center. For now, let’s get back to the Bird’s Nest and have a few more drinks and make some decisions. We’ve got some money to divide up.” She smiles at you and winks. 

A warm flush spreads through you. Damn. It’s nice to be part of a crew. 

…the end…for now…

Well done! You didn’t die. What an acheivement! 

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