Holly Drake Jobs

The City of Jade Spires is no paradise. Just ask Holly Drake, in prison for defending herself from a murderer.

But everything changes when someone exonerates Holly and she walks free. She has no idea who or why, but they have a job for her:

Steal a priceless jewel about to be moved off-planet.

It’s the only work she can find. Too bad she has no idea how to pull off a heist and precious little time to figure it out.

Why Holly? Who’s pulling her strings? How far across the 6 Moons system and into danger will she have to go for answers before time runs out?

Never got enough of Firefly?Already longing for a new season of The Mandalorian? Then dip into this entertaining cast of characters and space adventure and grab your copy of Eye of the Colossus today!

It all starts the day Holly Drake gets out of prison...
Holly and her crew continue on their quest to rid the city of corruption.
Will they get to the center of the organization?
Finding the heart....
A new power rises...
The forces of evil grow larger...

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