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He gave up heaven for her, now hell is coming for him…

She’s fire, I’m light.

I bring solace, she brings chaos.

Though our partnership was forced on us, I fell for her like a planet sucked into a sun. She’s everything I am not: I heal, she destroys. I bring comfort she brings fire and brimstone.

A few days on Earth without my halo and now I know what hell is—more than a place full of soulless demons, it’s the torment of Cin Morgaine’s affections focused on someone else.

Heaven is crumbling and monsters continue to slaughter innocent New Yorkers. An unknown, powerful angel pulls the strings behind the gleam of paradise, continually just out of reach. Identifying who’s on our side is hard enough, there are other fronts where the war rages: inside me. A growing darkness thrives within me unlike anything I’ve seen in my endless existence.

If this is what it means to be almost human, I’d prefer the cold intolerance of heaven… or even the anything-goes warmth of hell.

Anything… anything but the torment of doubt and jealousy that has me in its grips.

Whoever controls Faster-than-light travel controls the stars…

Zacharia Coburn’s flight-state mushroom business barely makes a dent in the FTL industry, controlled by a few powerful, interstellar corporations. Starship pilots can take a dose of these ultra-rare mushroom strains to pull a ship into the jump plane and rapidly cross the stars.

There’s no reason for anybody to ever notice the Very Good Mushroom Concern, the business Zach’s running with his partner, Anna Brooks. Organic. Homegrown in a barn in the northern Idaho territory. Made with love. They’re just a barnacle on the tail of a behemoth.

Until their secret gets too big to control. Zach and Anna have cracked the code. Their mushroom strains allow the kind of jump distances pilots have only dreamed about.

In a galaxy where commodities are king, jump distances control the market.

So when Anna goes missing, Zach isn’t sure where to start looking. Even with the best mushrooms ever grown at his disposal, finding Anna somewhere in the galaxy will be worse than locating a needle in a haystack. Try finding a needle on a planet covered in hay.

The odds are against him but giving up isn’t an option. Anna might just be the key to the entire galaxy: whoever gets their hands on her will have it at their feet.

This is more than love or business.

This is war.

Grab your copy today and join the search in a series that’s been called Taken in space crossed with a psychedelic dose of Firefly.

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Heaven and earth will move to bring them together whether they like it or not…

He belongs to heaven.

I belong to earth.

Both of us belong alone…

When a mysterious organization tells us that we’ve got to partner up to stop a dangerous monster that moves like shadow through the streets of New York City, murdering innocent women, I’m not surprised when both of us resist.

I’m a sorceress who shoots first and asks questions… never. That’s how a girl survives a city full of bloodsuckers and hellspawn and I don’t just mean your average New Yorker. I mean vampires and demons. I’m a book thief. I work solo at night so I run into my share of things that go “get in my tummy!” at night.

Him? He was made to protect and comfort, though I honestly can’t see it—not with that emotionless face and aloof demeanor. Angel? No way, but that’s how I approach everything supernatural—with a healthy dose of skepticism.

My skills don’t complement his at all, but everything keeps pushing us together, including my own sense of survival. The shadow is getting closer and closer to killing me. Can this new partner of mine help me?

Sure, I can take care of myself, but the people I love most in all the world? They’re screwed. I’ll do anything to save them. Even if it means bonding myself to a timeless being with a face and heart like stone.

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The Fates knew what was coming for me, but they kept silent.

That’s the kind of thing you expect from a crap friend, not goddesses who (turns out) are sorry excuses for mentors.

I know who my real father is, but that came with a huge cost. One that I still haven’t absorbed.

My partner, Hank, manages to just get more irresistible, but resist him I must. Fighting side-by-side gets more and more like foreplay or a dance, but now he’s playing the field like a sworn bachelor.

Oh, and I’m almost an orphan now. Meeting my father for the first time will change that, but how am I supposed to defeat my arch-nemesis while I can’t keep my eyes off Hank?

This is like… frustration city. Just one frustration after another. Maybe it’s time for me to play the field, the world’s about to end anyway.

There’s a pretty hot god who can’t keep his eyes off me… is it uncool to say “in your face, Hank”?

The colossus grows, casting its shadow across the 6 Moons.

As usual, Holly Drake and her crew are at the center of the storm. Wormholes are opening, new alien species are invading, and puppet-masters pull their strings in a quest to unravel the secrets of the 6 Moons.

Holly just wants to save the people she loves from a war her father claims is coming. But is he warning her, or is he bringing the war to her doorstep? Lines are being drawn and allegiances declared. Whether she likes it or not, Holly must choose sides.

She’s not going to like her options.