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There are eyes everywhere… watching, recording, streaming.

They watch you eat, sleep, dream. Every interaction is documented, every private moment streamed for all the world to see.

Every second of everyone’s day is being broadcast live by the Editors, who tweak and coerce and add background music, all in the name of making it more entertaining.

More addicting.

The world wanted The Feeds. Finally: a true utopian society, where no crime goes unpunished — because every crime is seen.

The downside? Fall out of line, and you’ll have to answer to the Enforcers.

One man, Samuel Ramone — the one who started it all — wants to break free. This isn’t the life he wanted. This isn’t the life he built.

But to rebel is to die.

Can Ramone break free of the system he helped create? Can he break free of The Feeds?

Meet Holly Drake. Take a zeppelin across the aether. See the 6 Moons. Mingle with aliens and a crew full of big-hearted thieves. This is steampunk in space. And it might just be your new thing.