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There are eyes everywhere… watching, recording, streaming.

They watch you eat, sleep, dream. Every interaction is documented, every private moment streamed for all the world to see.

Every second of everyone’s day is being broadcast live by the Editors, who tweak and coerce and add background music, all in the name of making it more entertaining.

More addicting.

The world wanted The Feeds. Finally: a true utopian society, where no crime goes unpunished — because every crime is seen.

The downside? Fall out of line, and you’ll have to answer to the Enforcers.

One man, Samuel Ramone — the one who started it all — wants to break free. This isn’t the life he wanted. This isn’t the life he built.

But to rebel is to die.

Can Ramone break free of the system he helped create? Can he break free of The Feeds?

You can run. But you definitely cannot hide.

He’s safe, but not for long.

Ramone is on the run from Enforcers, who are able to track his every move thanks to the nanocameras that are everywhere.

He is assisted by Ghosteye, a defecting Editor, but it’s only a matter of time before another Enforcer gets to Ghosteye. Without Ghosteye’s help, Ramone will be left wandering, seen, but never seeing, blind to any dangers without the all-seeing eyes of their guardian Editor.

There is one hope: a resistance. A movement to take back privacy and solitude.

If Ramone discovers a resistance, can he find a way to destroy the feeds once and for all? Or will he lose his one chance to turn things back, to recover the precious sanctuary of invisibility?

For fans of surveillance dystopian works such as 1984, We, and series like The Prisoner and Black Mirror.

Can you survive the feeds?