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Welcome to one of my favorite pages on my website: the cast of the 6 Moons. 

Use this as a reading companion when you’ve had some time away and a character may have slipped your mind. 

Be advised that there may be spoilers in here, depending on where you are in the series. Some characters have arcs that take them from good to evil (what are those, anyway? Good….evil….Just words! 😉 ). If you haven’t bumped into that–a character switching from good to evil, just know that you will see spoilers. I’ve tried to keep the information limited enough that that doesn’t happen, but hints still may be present. 

This is a work in progress and is being updated constantly. If you would like to see a character on here who’s missing, please leave a comment to let me know. And if you have an idea for another useful page, also let me know in the comments. 

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****Spoilers! Warning….this is your, er, warning, that there are spoilers below. So don’t read this section if you’re nervous about spoilers.****

Holly Drake's Crew

Odeon Starlight: Yasoan, male. One of Holly’s earliest connections post-prison days. Odeon possesses a Yasoan ability to heal himself by singing. His ability has a limited impact on humans, but can induce calm and contentment in them if the subject is touched while he sings. He brings lock-picking and safe-cracking to the crew in addition to his calming skills that help Holly during space-flight. Weapon of choice: a Ousaba club. This is a traditional weapon from the Yasoan homeworld, but their civilization is mostly post-war. Odeon has modified his club to be as long as a staff, but still insists on calling it a club. 

Charly Stout: Human, female. Met Holly during prison. Charly is a fighter, favoring her fists over other weapons and uses her skills to earn money from time to time. Eventually she buys a bar in the rich district and uses it to host the parties of the City of Jade Spires elite. The Surge Club then becomes the headquarters of Holly’s crew, using Charly’s office that overlooks the club as their primary meeting place, called the Bird’s Nest. 

Darius Jackson: Human, male. Darius runs the tech ops for the crew, primarily sticking on the moon Kota while the others gallivant across the 6 Moons. He’s a gambler by nature and usually has the seediest of connections of anyone on the crew. He’d rather sit on his ass and chat via the comms while the rest of the crew put their necks on the line. He can hack security systems and see what’s happening on the heists and jobs via the cameras on the comms. 

Shiro Oahu: Human, male. Shiro always looks sharp, no matter what the job is. He prefers a suit for any occasion and loves a good bowler of outlandish color. His weapon of choice is the sword, which he hides in the sheath of his lionhead cane. Of the crew, he’s the most experienced thief, rivaled only by Odeon in the many thieving skills he brings to the group. He’s done it all, short cons, long cons, cat burglary, distractions while others did the hard work, as well as some safe-cracking and lock-picking, but he’d rather leave that up to Odeon. His father is a haberdasher and tailor for the elite of the city and that’s part of the reason Shiro always looks so good. 

Part Time members: 

Trip Taurus: Centau, female. Flies the SC Olavia Apollo. She’s not your usual Centau, preferring to run with anyone interesting enough to catch her attention. Trip’s connected to the city elite, of course, as a Centau she would be, but her heart is in adventure and running with the scum of the 6 Moons (Holly and her crew). Her ship is for hire, but she’ll drop jobs on a whim to fly for the crew. The Olavia Apollo is a cruiser class ship and only ever has one mechanic: Saanvi Chadda. 

Iain Grant: Human, male. Aka: Scotch. Joins the crew as a friend of Gabe’s to command a large ship, then becomes more involved with the crew and Holly. Runs an art supply shop in Analogue Alley. Ex-military. 

Holly Drake's Family

Section in progress…

Meg Wolfe: sister

Lucy Wolfe: niece, daughter of Meg and Gabe.

Gabe Bach: ex-brother in law, father of Lucy Wolfe, divorced from Meg. 

Sonja: Mother 

George: Father 

Watson Wolfe: grandfather, early progenitor, original colonist. 

Villains, Friends, Lovers, and Frenemies (spoilers, please be advised)

Angelo: Human, male. Shop owner, Analogue Alley. Sells antiques and relics from Earth, e.g. tape players, lamps, rugs, and old chairs. His shops is full of warmth and good memories. His place is somewhere Holly goes to unwind from time to time. 

Shig Soliss: Human, male. Shop located in a broom closet of the Twisted Nebula club. Vendor of the dark and creepy, the kind of materials that can only be obtained from the hospital where he works as a doctor, such as tranquilizers, drugs, and other things no one should ever need to buy.

Madame Le Tissier: aka Beatrice Le Tissier. Human, female. Owner of strip club in the Red Jade District. She peddles black market tech equipment and is impossible to haggle with. Her prices always remain firm. 

Macav Onini: Constellation, male. Creator of tools and equipment that push the boundaries. He’s a self-proclaimed genius who was raised by Centaus and so sees himself as someone who lives in a liminal space, between two races. Lives on the moon Helo on Halo Stand. 

Cosma Kenyon: Human, female. A legendary, supposedly retired master thief, she now owns a club on the top of a spire in the Green Jade district. 

Aimee Voss: Human, female. Joins the crew on a few gigs, she often pops up in places no one expects her. Eventually she rises to power as an opposing force within the 6 Moons. Loyalties, questionable. 

Idris Caron “Dave”: Human, male. The nameless official who pulls Holly’s strings and gives her new jobs. He’s one of highest ranked humans in the Syndicate government, which is primarily run by Centaus. 

Xadrian Tyanne: Human, male. A former thief and crook, he now uses his connections in the City of Jade Spires underworld to help Dave. Most often he acts as a messenger between Holly and Dave, which helps Dave to keep his cover. 

Elan: Yasoan, male. Former school teacher and colleague to Holly Drake. An illicit romance between him and Holly gave her a reason to live during the worst part of her marriage to her husband, Grafton Drake. Eventually Holly calls on him to help with the major operation to end the trafficking done by the Shadow Coalition. Currently lives in Rochers Deschiketes. 

Kaye: Human, female. Works in the Create Like Your Life Depended On It, Iain Grant’s shop in Analogue alley. 


Jiphon Tilarion: Centau, Male. Wealthy art collector. 

Gaston Morianton: Centau, Male. Super wealthy, eccentric billionaire. Collector of art and a target of a heist that begins in Shadow of the Colossus. 

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