June through September


Hey, did you miss me? 

Aw. I missed you too. 

It’s me, Ben, 6 Moons bartender extraordinaire.

During my absence, some things went down. I’ll get you filled in. 

A “party” has been set up and Cosma is planning her move. 

The legendary thief milked her connections and the party will be hosted by Holly Drake’s own Charly Stout. But other than that, Cosma is running the show all alone. 

During the party, the owner of the Eternity Horn will be otherwise engaged and the thief will make her move…

Cosma’s a classic cat burglar, having always worked alone, which meant she never had to split her pay out. She’s sincerely legendary, and when you inhabit a place like the 6 Moons, like we all do, it’s imperative to live in the grays, between good and evil. 

How do I justify that? Easy. 

The Centaus will never not be the top. The rest of us will always live at the bottom, not even the middle. I can’t complain, honestly. I have a job, food, and shelter. But if I want more? If Cosma wants more? Or Holly? We have to be willing to work for it. 

And the work is the kind of work that means taking what we want. 

Come on now, don’t look at me like that. It’s all good. You think the person Ume Kauss is getting the Eternity Horn from will be destitute afterwards? 

This is a game for the elites, and we’re their pawns. We lift the object, get the money, and they get the prize. Then it happens all over again. 

The smart people play that game, and Cosma is brilliant. 


Oh, I have secrets. 

Someday you might hear one or two. 

But not today, because it’s time to check the bar for listening devices. 

Till next time! 





As your 6 Moons bartender extraordinaire, I’m spotting you your favorite drink.

On the house, because I’m very generous. No, I don’t know, I guess you could say that I’m getting into these little conversations of ours. 

So, kick back, unwind, and let me tell you want’s been going on. 

The party is set to happen tonight. Charly Stout’s putting it on. And Ume Kauss will be there, mingling.

That’s his official role: mingling. Chief mingler.

How’s that for crazy? 

Sounds like a good plan. So Ume will be mingling with the current owner of the Eternity Horn. I guess that makes him, what, the distraction? 

A role usually reserved for Shiro Oahu. Oh, of course I know who Shiro is. He’s a good lad, as he’d say. 

I’d give anything to be there, watching as Ume provides distraction while his very own burglar steals the horn. 

Next week, I’ll tell you everything I know about the horn and fill you in on how Cosma’s little thieving show goes. 

Oh hello! Holly Drake just walked in. I wonder what she wants. Maybe she’s meeting one of our mutual acquaintances, you-know-who. 

Sorry, can’t say his name, or give away his real one. But you should know it, yet I’m not banking on that. 

Till next week…