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Holly Drake Jobs

My longest series is the Space Opera/Aetherpunk (categorized as steampunk because there is no official category yet for aetherpunk) series featuring Holly Drake as the lead. It’s the one below with Colossus in all the titles.

Because I’m a work in progress, this series gets better the deeper into it you get. Book 6 kills it in ways Book 1 doesn’t.

Still, they should be read in order, because the events build on each other.

It all starts the day Holly Drake gets out of prison...
Holly and her crew continue on their quest to rid the city of corruption.
Will they get to the center of the organization?
Finding the heart....
A new power rises...
The forces of evil grow larger...
New factons collide, empires begin...
Just released!
Books 1-4 of the Holly Drake series plus the novella "Six Shadows" bonus content.
Books 1-7 plus 3 novellas! 2000 pages of Holly Drake action!
A Christmas caper starring Holly and her crew! Novella length.

6 Moons Side Jobs

The 6 Moons Side Jobs series, is a spin off from the Holly Drake books, starring members of her crew, who team up to do heists and thief jobs on their own. 

For a deeper timeline segmentation, check out this page. 

For character genealogy/wiki, go here. 

Shiro teams up with the enigmatic Aimee Voss.
Cosma comes to the aid of Iain Grant when a painting is stolen out of his shop.
Odeon and Charly team up to finish a job started in Shadow of the Colossus.
Book 4 starring Darius and the Centau pilot Trip Taurus coming coming soon!

The Feeds

The Feeds were originally written back in 2009 as a short story called “Life Feeds,” and it grew into the books below over time. Books 1 and 2 were the originals, with 3 and 4 wrapping up the series in 2015.

They’ve been relaunched with new covers. A dystopian take on celebrity, constant surveillance-turned-entertainment, it’s a fast-paced journey to overthrow the system.

Act natural, you're being watched...
Hiding isn't an option. Unless you're a rebel...
Deep in the heart of the corporation, traitors are stirring...
Eight lives speeding towards the inevitable. Who will survive?

YA SF and Short stories

Below are my short stories and two YA SF books. Blue Hearts of Mars was written as a standalone, while World in Shadow will ultimately have two more books. 

What are you willing to give up in order to keep your humanity? A short story.
The status quo has been kept in order by the guilds of Scientists. But just how far have they gone to keep that balance? A fantasy short story.
Sometimes a girl falls for a man with more secrets than the Earth can hold onto...a classic SF short story.
How far is the distance between two hearts? A Hard SF short story.
The robot uprising just got a new enemy...a Post Apoc short story.
Forbidden love. Androids. Humans. Under the domescrapers of Mars.
Multiverses before they were everywhere...
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