Start an Adventure with Holly Drake

Choose Your Own Adventures were all the rage when I was a kid in the 80s. I read a lot of them and died in a lot of them, and cheated, and threw the book across the room because I died a lot and that was DUMB. 

Anyway, they were fun! But they lacked world-building and any emotional resonance. 

But they were fun! 

Yeah, they were! They were fun. But that was about it, sort of like a badly realized video game…

So, hey, why not go on one with Holly Drake? Here’s your chance to become one of the crew. 

If you’ve read any of the Holly Drake books, hopefully you’ll get more than just fun out of this. You get to live in her world for just a moment. 

Start by hitting this link. You’ll be asked to sign up to the email series, because each new episode comes to you via email.