The Bartender

There’s been a guest writer infiltrating my newsletter for a while now. A couple, I should say. They’re both bartenders and they’re both 6 Moons inhabitants. Ben and Torden. Ben’s a human, while Torden is a Yasoan and the principal bartender in Charly’s club. If you’ve been to the 6 Moons, you’ve likely met both of these gents. 

Since not everyone who joins my newsletter has a complete history of the newsletter, I decided to do Ben and Torden a favor and compile their missives here. That’s partially because they were giving some info on a heist that was happening in the background. Neither of them were supposed to divulge this information, but what can you do? They’ve got minds of their own. 

Plus, I mean, can you blame them? They’re privy to some fairly juicy gossip. 

So, welcome to the archive! One thing to keep in mind is that though these are spread out through the months of our calendar year, the time that has elapsed in story-world time is compressed and constitutes mere weeks.

Click on the months below to start reading at the beginning. There were weeks where there were no updates, and August was a slow month in the rumor-mill. But things are picking up steam again! 

February through March 

April through May

June through September