Blue Hearts of Mars Selected as a Quarterfinalist in the ABNA!

Good news everyone! Blue Hearts of Mars was selected to move to the next round of voting in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest!

At this stage, each contestant’s novel will be read and reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly. I don’t even want to think about how PW’s going to accomplish that. I mean, how many reviewers do they have to employ to pull that off? They have a month to do it. Best of luck to the reviewers!

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 1.33.59 PM

Readers are invited to download the excerpts (here) and rate and comment on the entries. So please, if you want to contribute, download and rate Blue Hearts! Your support is incredibly appreciated!


Blue Hearts of Mars Out Now!

So Blue Hearts is out now, as the post title states. And guess what? Today it’s free! So if you hurry your butt up, you can hop over to Amazon and get a copy for free! The best part about free stuff is that it’s FREE. And even if you don’t plan on reading it now, you can still get it and then read it later!

I’m feeling very exclaim-y today. I usually NEVER use exclamation points. Because in real life my humor is extremely dry and sarcastic. Honestly.

And all I ask of you, my reader, is that if you enjoy the book, rate it on Goodreads or Amazon. You don’t even have to write a long review, just a line or something that testifies of how completely awesome I am and how you’d love to meet me and have lunch with me and if you say that, I will sincerely consider inviting you to lunch.

I mean, as long as you buy. Me. A. Steak.

In case you’ve forgotten how awesome Blue Hearts is, here’s the cover image in high resolution:

Blue Hearts of Mars Final 2

Yep. It’s young adult sci-fi romance. I had no idea that was even considered a genre until just a few days ago when I saw a thread on Goodreads of people looking for sci-fi romance. Who knew? But I’m glad I’m not trying to break ground on some new genre because let’s face it, I’m no pioneer.

That said, the science fiction is very light. At least, in my opinion it is, because I’m not into hard core science fiction myself. I’m more of an Orson Scott Card fan and less a Larry Niven fan (I really just wanted Ringworld to get into more details about the relationships and stop telling me about the diameter of the world and etc). I loved the idea of Ringworld but became exhausted at the description of how tall the mountains were and the floating building and stuff.

So go download my book while it’s free!

If you miss the free window, it only costs $2.99, which is almost free. That costs less than that grande white chocolate mocha you’re drinking right this minute, and the book is infinitely more rewarding than the drink as well. I know from experience.