Welcome to the ARC and Beta Readers Club!

Beta Readers: Periodically I need people to give me unbiased feedback on my stories or novels. As you might imagine, this can be a big job. I mean, it’s a huge responsibility.

Are you up for the challenge? Do you think you’ve got insightful opinions and clever input for authors, if ONLY they’d listen to you? If you have this kind of confidence in your editorial capacity, then I NEED you. Because look, audiences and all the friendly readers who leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and elsewhere, they’re not going to spare my feelings if my stories or books fall short.

So I want people who will let the sword drop on my work. If something deserves to be chopped, I need you to tell me.

ARC readers: 

Your job is slightly easier. A few weeks before I launch a new title, I will send you an email to ask if you want to be included in the the launch. If yes, you’ll receive a copy of the book about two weeks before launch. 

Read it before launch date (usually a Tuesday), then on launch date, I only ask that you go leave an honest review on Amazon and anywhere else it’s available (if I release it to the other distributors). 

I send out emails on launch date reminding ARC readers to go leave a review, which I think makes it easier to remember this stuff. 

If you want to be in this elite circle of fabulous readers, fill out the forms below (scroll down) and I’ll be in touch! You rock, by the way. Did I tell you that already? Here, have a unicorn. <3