An Untimely, Horrible Accident, or: Laptops and Water Don’t Mix


So I got a little cocky, flew a little too close to the sun (“You let him go to the sun?!!”), and now my Macbook is sitting in front of a fan with the bottom panel removed. Yes, I have no idea if this will work. My main hope is that at the very least, my hard-drive made it. Because then I can still recover the files that WEREN’T uploaded to my Dropbox folder and that haven’t been saved by Time Machine since May 7th.

What happened? I mean, besides the obvious?

Well, I have a two-year-old, see, and I plugged my laptop in and left it for five seconds, and there was this cup of water (one of those BIG cups) that I leave on the bleeping nightstand for the princess cat who won’t just drink out of her water dish, but requires a constant supply of “human” water in order to stay hydrated. And my son, he hasn’t cared to mess with it for about two months.

He’s got this devilish streak, I’m noticing. It’s like there’s a demon just waiting for any kind of electronics and water to be in the same place. Any water. And when it’s available, the whispers flood into my son’s ear. Like, he’s never been too enticed by the toilets (we keep the doors shut and the toilets have those kiddie proofing things on them), but in March when my sister was visiting for my dad’s funeral, my brother-in-law left his iPhone 5 sitting on the arm of the couch for three seconds. And then . . . well, someone else left the bathroom door open because they’re not used to having a toddler around lately. What can I say? The planets aligned. The ingredients combined to make a delicious cocktail of mayhem and destruction.

My son was there and then gone in a flash.

And yes. Yes, he did. My son threw Jason’s phone RIGHT INTO THE TOILET. I felt awful. Horrible.

But my sister has four kids and well, there’s always the bowl of rice trick. Which EVIDENTLY doesn’t work for laptops. It works like magic for iPhones, however.

Anyway, I will not be daunted. My Kickstarter will still launch in a few days and I will still publish my book(s). This year. Sometime. Even if I have to begin working on my ancient Acer laptop. It’s ANCIENT. But neither hell nor high-water will stop me. MARK MY WORDS.

And demons, begone!

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