Giveaway on Facebook!

Hey. You. Did you enter the drawing on Facebook? Do it. Now. Head over to the old Facebook page, like the page, and enter the drawing. I’ll be doing a drawing every other week. So stick around because I really, really want to give you a gift card.

Any additional links you click here (anywhere attached to this post) will also get you five entries per extra method of sharing–Twitter, Digg, Stumble, anything extra, gets you more entries! Sharing on FB gets you 5 more entries and adding a review to Blue Hearts of Mars on Goodreads or Amazon (if you haven’t done it already), gives you 7 more entries! Just send me a note via the FB status about this contest to let me know and I’ll be sure to add up all your entries (I really do. It can take awhile, but it’s worth it!) See the Facebook status RE: the giveaway to get more info!

Can’t wait to see your adorable mug on my FB page. 🙂

Amazon Giftcard

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