Update On Website Redesign and Alpha Read

If you’re one of my fabulous alpha readers, you might be wondering where the next chapter is. I have the same question!

What happened is I got caught up in a website redesign that I thought would be easy . . . because I don’t know anything about website design. I’ve found that it’s similar to home renovations: nothing goes as well as you thought it would and what SHOULD only take two days takes two years. At least, that’s how DIY home renovation went for me.

My website is almost done. I hope. I have a place-holder header up right now because guess what? I’m not a graphic designer. I thought I could just swing some sweet work of art out of nowhere, but I can’t. The header that’s up now took me two days to do and it looks like crap. I mean, as a postcard, it’s super cool. But as a header, not so much.

I’m looking for someone to do a new one. That or I’ll come up with a better option. In the meantime, most of the changes are done. For now my site is functional and not too ugly. If you encounter any problems, please let me know. I thought this new theme would be cool and easy to use, but I’ve found that it required a lot more customization and so there might be minor problems around the site that I haven’t found.

For my alpha readers, I apologize for the delay. I know it’s not any fun to get stalled in the middle of a book. The great news is that I finished the major overhaul of fixing the POV changes. The editing should go a lot smoother and quicker. My plan is to finish the editing mid-October, which means you’ll be able to have read the entire alpha copy by that time if you stay caught up.

Other news is that I have an official cover reveal scheduled for December 13th. That will push my book release into January. If you’re a blogger and want to participate in any of the publicity for A Boat Made of Bone, contact me! Nathalia Suellen is designing my cover, so it’s going to be a gorgeous cover (I know that much already).

Below is a sample of my stellar graphic design skills. I know. I should have been a designer. I’m so cool.

Retro Header

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