I write speculative fiction and YA sci-fi romance. If you’re here, congratulations! I hope it’s because you read one of my books and loved the heck out of it and had to come see what’s going on in my world. I hope myScreen Shot 2016-08-08 at 8.17.42 PM books have become a drug to you and you’re looking for your next fix. I hope you’re wishing right this minute that I was as prolific as Brandon Sanderson (can you believe that guy? I mean, he’s a machine! And if I had a wife, I think I could be as prolific as him. Send your resume if you’re interested in being my wife . . . and I sincerely love Brandon Sanderson. Have you read his books? Go. Now. Read one of his books.) and really, I don’t blame you. I wish I were as prolific as him too.

I’m working on it.

I have two kids (the dream, a boy and a girl!) and they demand a lot of my attention. They’re very cute and they smite me with their adorable smiles and eagerness to know everything. They’re little cherubs. I’m considering legally changing their names to Cupid 1 and 2 because they’re bringers of love to all who come near.

I’m married to a guy named Stoker. No joke. When I first heard his name I felt a bit ridiculous saying it. It was nothing like the scene in The Importance of Being Earnest where one of the girls says they always wanted to marry a man named Earnest. Stoker’s name has grown on me, and so has Stoker. We’ve been together quite a while now and the man still makes me laugh. So hard, sometimes. I don’t get why he’s so funny. But he is.

I have three cats.

I write every day. I make my writing goals insane. I have big plans. Big plans. And sometimes I just don’t have time to update my blog, but I try. Expect at least ONE post a month. The more you visit, the more I’ll see that I have loads of traffic, and the more I’ll post. I know. This is not how Field of Dreams works. But I’m pretty sure building a baseball field is WAY easier than writing three blog posts a week.