I write speculative fiction and YA sci-fi and short stories that I give away to my Patreon patrons. If you’re here, thanks for coming by! I hope it’s because you read one of my books and loved the heck out of it and had to come see what’s going on in my world. I hope myScreen Shot 2016-08-08 at 8.17.42 PM books have become a drug for you and you’re looking for your next fix. I hope you’re wishing right this minute that I was as prolific as other sci-fi authors. Not naming any names.

I have two kids. They’re very cute and they smite me with their adorable smiles and eagerness to know everything. They’re little cherubs. I’m considering legally changing their names to Cupid 1 and 2 because they’re bringers of love to all who come near.

I’m married to a guy named Stoker. No joke. When I first heard his name I felt a bit ridiculous saying it. It was nothing like the scene in The Importance of Being Earnest where one of the girls says they always wanted to marry a man named Earnest. Stoker’s name has grown on me, and so has Stoker. We’ve been together quite a while now and the man still makes me laugh. 

I have three cats . . . well, I mean two. My soulmate-cat, Bastet, died this year in January. Here’s a post about it.

And then I wrote about it again, here. 

I write every day. I make my writing goals insane. I have big plans. Big plans. And sometimes I just don’t have time to update my blog, but I try. I know. This is not how Field of Dreams works. But I’m pretty sure building a baseball field is WAY easier than writing three blog posts a week.

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