Eye of the Colossus $50 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway

Hey so as part of the festivities over the launch of the Eye of the Colossus, I’m doing this giveaway. The big prize is obviously the signed paperback copy of Eye of the Colossus. The smaller bit is just the lame $50 giftcard (I mean, who even wants one of those things? Yuck). I know, right? But I’ll make you have it if you’re the winner, because that’s just part of the deal, though I know what you’re really here for is the wicked sweet cosplay aether blaster and the pendant (it came all the way from FRANCE, guys, FRANCE!).

So enter in as many ways as you can and remember, you can do the Tweet this message thing everyday for additional entries. 😉

God speed!

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12 thoughts on “Eye of the Colossus $50 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway”

  1. The book looks awesome. If I win, I’d really have a problem keeping the blaster away from my 5 grandsons

    1. Your grandsons NEED it! It shoots Nerf bullets! The book is great! I hope you get the chance to try it out. <3

    1. Thanks! Thank you for coming by and I plan to have another at the end of May for the release of book 2. So come back! <3

  2. That Nerf blaster could be put to use at a bar in southern OKC. They ve had Nerf gun battles between Brats and their associates before.

  3. If by some roll of the cosmic dice I won – I would have to have to share the blaster with three of my grandchildren and three of their parents (one grandchild is too young and one parent isn’t into blasters).
    Thanks for the chance.

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